Sherry Gallant


My college training, at the State University of New York at Buffalo, was in Fine Art and Art History. This proved to be impractical for making a living in Buffalo.

While earning a living as an Income Maintenance worker in the Erie County Department of Social Services, I studied Gemology, Diamond Grading and Jewelry Design at the Gemological Institute of America where I earned my GG (Graduate Gemologist Certification) and The Gemmological Association of Great Britain where I completed my preliminary certification. I became a Certified Gemologist.

For a short time I had my own jewelry business in Buffalo called Emerald Aisle. I came to New York City to advance my career where I joined the staff of Oscar Heyman Bros. I purchased, graded and picked colored stones (rubies, emerald and sapphires) for high-end jewelry and managed the cutting room of seven colored stone cutters. After ten years I was still the newest employee in the gem office. I was laid off during the recession in 1992 due to budget cutbacks of to the current recession.

This was a traumatic and frightening time in my life. Jewelry and Fine Art were the only things I knew. During the recession there were no opportunities in either. I was in NYC alone with no way to make a living. I had never used a computer and didn’t even know the difference between a PC and Mac.

I found an old, used Mac IIci computer. I walked into a temp agency and asked them if there was one program I could learn to make a living. They told me to learn Aldus Persuasion, (the forerunner to Microsoft PowerPoint), and that started my next career. After years temping and freelancing in the financial industry I was hired by JPMorgan. After almost five years the recession and financial cutback took my job and I am using this opportunity to pursue my freelance career.

I recently earned my Master's Degree in Instructional Design and Technology and hope that this will start a new part of my career.


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